Gilmanton, NH resident

This book brought me back to the purity of my childhood adventures in the woods and around the lakes of this region.  It's almost like the story was about a fantasy world which can be carried back home, wherever home is. Anyone can take home some of the magic from the Lakes Region with Whispers on Winnipesaukee.  I'm excited for the next book!

Bow Lake, NH resident

This book expresses everything I am trying to teach my grandchildren about loons, conservation, living on a lake and the importance of nature.

Former NH fifth grade teacher, now living in Colorado

Whispers on Winnipesaukee is a delight to read and so educational for young readers.  Haley’s wonderful relationship with her Mimi, Grandpa and “Aunt Fizzie” come through so well in the book – just a great read.

Maryland resident

Whispers is very professional and informative, and does a great job of showing how a kid of Haley's age thinks, imagines and responds to what her family members teach her.  I could easily relate to her feelings of excitement, remembering myself growing up on the Magothy River.

Lakes Region elementary school librarian

Wow! You have packed a lot of Lakes Region landmarks into your story.  My favorite part was the loon rescue - I think that that story could be a picture book all by itself.  You might want to develop a curriculum guide for your book because there are so many pieces of Lakes Region history incorporated.  Thank you so much for sharing your book with me.

Retired NH educator, Concord, NH

“Whispers” is so beautifully written; you captivate both adult and child readers with your story and the illustrations. I love Haley’s curiosity and sense of wonder, and the tender and affectionate way the grandparents lead her into this boating and nature adventure.

Lakes Region resident

Just finished reading your lovely story and can't wait to surprise my grandkids with it. As a long time islander we can totally relate to your wonderful book and the beautiful illustrations.

When you mentioned the mail boat memories of our grand kids jumping off the high pilings and then waiting patiently to buy their ice cream.

What great memories you are building for your granddaughter.

Virginia resident

It's hard for me to express how awesome I think the two Whispers books are. .

everything about them is perfect!  The story both intrigued and enlightened me.  I was thoroughly captivated by Haley Mae and her family.  And the art work wonderfully enhanced the story.

Gilford resident

Two really fun and educational books for kids.  Whispers on Winnipesaukee came out last fall and now its sequel, Whispers on the Seacoast (NH's seacoast!)


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